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I'm Eyu, I'm from Singapore and welcome to my art poop dump.

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I don't take requests


May I please write a heroic villains fanfic? Ever since I have been stalking it I've fallen in love with Liang >ω< could I get a quick profile info about Liang, Alex and Nil? Basic things like height, age, hair and eye color, personality etc.



  • brown hair
  • brown eyes
  • 16 yrs old
  • 6’1”
  • Level headed, quick-witted, perceptive, easily pleased, friendly, sassy, political, absolutely loves his best friend Liang, also loves pizza night, hates his relatives with the exception of his dad.


  • red hair
  • hazel eyes
  • 23 yrs old
  • 5’7”
  • Flirty, eccentric, a bit of a drama queen, manipulative, calm, hates it when people say no, loves being complimented/praised, pretends to be innocent even though it’s something bad that he did or if he doesn’t want someone to find out.


  • black hair
  • black eyes
  • 15 years old
  • 5’0
  • 'A little hot headed, rushes into things, straightforward, shrewd, honest, gets nervous when trying out new things, terrified of spiderssss, stuffs his face when he's upset, sarcastic, avoids people he doesn't like
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Oh my good gravy. I never knew how much I needed older Liang in my life.

Now you know >3Ob

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The way you draw hips. D: UGH. So good. =.=

Thank you UvU

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Older Liang stuff \o/

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