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I'm Eyu, I'm from Singapore and welcome to my art poop dump.

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Practicing with colours

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What kind of characters do you like to draw the most?

I love drawing bookworms/happy & sweet/quiet characters.

But my ultimate favourite type of characters to draw, especially for males, is making them SUPER SASSY but also irritable and confident. And for some reason, I like to make them androgynous, because it’s just so much fun.
Although, a lot of the time I tend to make them ‘gay’. LOL But I do still draw straight male characters, just not as often.

For female characters, I tend to be a bit more picky about what kind of character I would like to draw. But I mostly prefer intelligent, with a lot of wit and mature in behaviour, kind of female characters.

The reason why I have a much more difficult preference to female characters is mainly because I like/prefer it a lot more when they have the subtlety of their independence and strength, rather than being straight to your face all the time.

But then again, usually when I make characters like that, I always pair them up with someone who is the opposite in order to balance them out, either in colour or personality. Or both.

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Henry and Ray are the cutest shits ever.

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Henry (left) © me, eyugho
Ray (right) © sableaire

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